Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 Oct 05 - Market Club Breakfast

2008 October 5 - Market Club Breakfast

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Well this weekend was to be our first over night Ride in three years. Pdub was leading the Ride to Fort Bragg, CA. The weather was threatening, but not the reason for cancelling the Ride.
We had a couple of personal problems or equipment problems that cut the attendees in half.

Then the Day Ride to Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet for today had to be canceled because of WORK. That dirty four letter word.

So Phil T. and I decided to meet at the Market Club, 2630 5th St # 16
Sacramento, CA 95818 for breakfast at 10:00 AM.

Here's Phil in front of the Market Club
I keep forgetting the Daily Lunch Specials {this is for my Lunch Bunch}, so today I took a photo. Note the hours and the fact that they are closed on Saturday:
Hey! Spam and eggs everyday.
Both Phil and I were hungry. I had the Sunday only Fried Rice with one egg.
Now this fried rice is the stuff that you would get in Hawaii or any Japanese home.
It is cooked in diced bacon and is the short grain rice. Very different from the Chinese restaurant fried rice.

Phil had a 4-egg ham and cheese omelet with hash browns.
Here's Phil's plate. Forgot to snap a pic before we ate. :-)
You have your choice with every meal of a potato dish or steamed short grain rice. For breakfast that is hash browns or steamed rice. And on Sunday only you have an additional option of fried rice for a buck extra. And toast is also included if you wish.

I managed to ask some of the other patrons if I could photograph their breakfasts and they were all very cooperative.

Now Merle's wife is Japanese and Merle is Chinese, but the other patrons were not Oriental and still had fried or steamed rice.

My golfing buddy Merle's wife had the Wienie Royale over rice. She only had the half order.
Merle had the steak chicana over scrambled eggs with rice and a flour tortilla.

From a different table here is the breaded pork cutlet and eggs with the Sunday option of fried rice.
His wife had the chicken fried steak and eggs, also with the fried rice.
I need to try this one. It is from another table. It is the homemade corn beef hash with eggs and rice.

After eating Phil and I decided to take a short ride along the River Road. We headed over to Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento. I stopped for gas at the Chevron station. We then continued south on Jefferson until we got to the turn off for South River Road. It starts out pretty bumpy so I led a 35 mph pace.

We passed right behind Pdub's place and sped up a little as the road surface improved. It was not until the Freeport Bridge where we merged onto Hwy 160 that the pavement became good enough to do the speed limit or a couple over.

We took the bridge between Courtland and Walnut Grove over to the east side of the river and turned off at Twin Cities Road. Phil headed home when we got to I-5. I headed over to Thornton Road and took the back roads home.