Saturday, November 15, 2008

2008 Nov 15 - Buster's and Chocolate Cow

2008 November 15 - Buster's and Chocolate Cow

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Phil T. wanted to have BBQ at Buster's in Calistoga. We had a Ride scheduled for November 1st, but that weekend was our first measurable rain since February. So that Ride was rained out.

So today we meet at the Chevron at the west end of West Sacramento. We are to ride to Calistoga and Buster's Southern BBQ via Hwy 128 and the Silverado Trail. From Buster's we are to ride the back way into Sonoma via Santa Rosa and the Valley of the Moon for ice cream at the Chocolate Cow. Then we are to head back home.

Map of today's Ride Route
Phil has phoned Pdub from the Chevron Station on the other side of West Sacramento. We finally get everyone together and actually start our Ride only 2 minutes late. Which is darned good for this bunch.

Phil T. filling up his Nomad

Pdub and Daniel B.
Eric B. makes it on his Harley. He left his Triumph at home today
ReneƩ, Yvonne, Jess . and Daniel

Jess, Daniel, Yvonne, Renee, Pdub and PhilThe posed picture. Renee is riding on the back of Phil's bike and Yvonne is riding behind husband Pdub.
We minimize our time on the Interstate by taking an exit only 6 miles up the road and work our way around the north side of Davis.

We were intending to call this our annual Polar Bear Ride, but the weather played a trick on us. It was 79° today in both Calistoga and Sonoma which are very close to their historical high temperatures for this date.

The traffic on Hwy 128 was not too heavy, but a slow moving pick up took his time before pulling over to let us pass.

The entrance {exit} to the CornersTaking our first break at the Corners
Eric and Daniel
Jess and Pdub checking out a KTM
It is so warm that everyone is taking off layers of clothing and/or taking liners out of their jackets. We could all have used our Summer mesh jackets today. Very little traffic on Hwy 128 to Silverado Trail. We made good time.

Silverado Trail had some traffic as I think the sunshine and warmth brought out the drivers taking a weekend trip to the Wine Country.

A picture of Buster's sign
Waiting to order at Buster'sShould I get the tri-tip sandwich?

Here's a photo of my tri-tip sandwich with cole slaw. I ordered mine with the bread on the side.
Pdub was the only one who did not have the tri-tip sandwich. He opted for the ribs.
Pdub shares a rib with his wife, Yvonne
Just eatingHere's Buster reading the paper. He just flew in from cold, rainy Chicago last night.

Daniel and Jess waiting their turn for the John
Pdub had to wash his hands after eating the ribs
The weather was so nice that this is another batch of tri-tipJess has to get home to order some counter tops for his home remodeling. Eric and Daniel also need to head back home so they will skip the Ride to Sonoma. So the three bikes head south on Hwy 29 to take a cross road over to Silverado Trail and through Napa to Hwy 12 and over to I-80.
I did get home in time to make it to the granite countertop shop to place my order for the kitchen remodel. --- Jess
Meanwhile two of my bikes {Pdub is borrowing my 1999 Triumph Legend until he gets his new bike} and Phil's Nomad continue over to the Petrified Forest Road and on to Santa Rosa. This way we can ride through the Valley of the Moon, one of Sonoma Counties better wine growing regions and a very picturesque ride. But Hwy 12 through the Valley of the Moon is quite busy almost all of the time. We do turn off into Glen Ellen and take Arnold Drive into Sonoma.

The Sonoma Town Square is full of people. With the tempearature at 79° I think a lot of people just wanted to walk around outdoors somewhere.

We arrive at the parking lot right next to the Chocolate Cow
Can't wait to order the ice cream
But first Pdub had to get the lock combination to use the facilities
Now refreshed it was time to order the ice cream

The young ladies working the counter were camera shy and ducked as I took a picture of the candy counter
The truffles here are "to die for"
A posed photo of Yvonne, Pdub, Renee and Phil
Here is a photo of me in front of the Chocolate Cow
Some pictures of the ice cream
I had the fat free Raspberry Sorbet. Not because it was fat free, but because they did not have my favorite hazel nut gelato today.
Pdub loaded up on some candy treats from his childhood that are becoming hard to find.

Todays Riders and their bikes:

Don I. ......................... BMW F650GS
Pdub with Yvonne ..... Don's Triumph Legend
Phil T. with ReneƩ ..... Kawasaki Nomad
Daniel B. .................... V-Strom 650
Eric B. ........................ Harley Davidson
Jess H. ....................... Triumph Sprint